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What Are Hyperstamps?

Actually, you already know what a stamp is. A Postage Stamp is a kind of stamp. A Postage Cancellation Stamp is a dependent stamp that modifies the meaning of the first stamp. Most people forget that stamps were once widely employed for many commercial and governmental purposes. Stamps are still widely used in establishing Governmental permissions in passports and shipping. Most people don't think about it, but the label on anything you buy is a stamp that signifies its origin.

We provide stamps for World Wide Web documents. By applying our stamps to your documents, you notify the world at large as to the fair use of your material. When you click on a stamp, a hyperlink is made to an authoritative page bearing a precise explanation of how that stamp applies to your document. The Copyright stamp above is an example, and you can browse our Hyperstamp Catalog to see the full collection. We have a whole suite of stamps designed to cover many of the common rights and privileges that document owners like to grant or retain. We also provide a Registration Service if you'd like to invent and publish your own stamps.

What Makes a Hyperstamp Special?

All Hyperstamps come in both Unserialized and Serialized versions. Unserialized Hyperstamps are free, but for a nominal price we can issue you a set of globally unique Hyperstamps bearing ITU/ISO serial numbers. These Serialized Hyperstamps will belong exclusively to you. When you apply Serialized Hyperstamps to documents and register those documents with us, our CyberGumshoe detective service can help you find copies of your documents on other parts of the World Wide Web. (We can also track your digital sound and picture files; see the discussion of "Stamp Scoping"). Unserialized (free) Hyperstamps allow you to assert yourself. Serialized Hyperstamps provide both rights assertion and content tracking.

Tell Me More...

To apply free Unserialized Hyperstamps to your documents, see the detailed instructions here.

To apply Serialized Hyperstamps to your documents, you will need a Hyperstamps Account. With it, you can buy a Virtual Stamp Book containing credits that can be traded for Serialized Hyperstamps or CyberGumshoe services. See the detailed instructions here.

For an overview of CyberGumshoe Services, look here.

To learn how you can design stamps to suit your own needs, look here.

For a discussion of "Stamp Scoping", look here. Scoping allows you to configure a single stamp so that it covers multiple documents.

For a little on the philosophy of Hyperstamps, look here.

And don't forget to read the Hyperstamps FAQ.

If you have any questions, you can email us here.

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