Hyperstamps Frequently Asked Questions

Why Hyperstamps?

We believe that technological and legal protection of property needs to be grounded in claims for protection or rights. A person asserts that he owns something in some form or in some way, and he asserts that others are obliged to respect his claim. Anybody can have a lawyer carefully construct his claims. Anybody can carefully construct rights and obligations with contracts. But this process is not amenable to ferreting out claims in a common law sense. Stamps, historically, have been utilized to signify claims in a simple and direct fashion. It is our intention, if people like Hyperstamps, to publish, in a scholarly journal, the periodic results of the usages of different Hyperstamps. Through this process we all acquire some insight into claims people make on the stuff of cyberspace.

Where do I get Hyperstamps?

We have a whole suite of Hyperstamps designed to cover the rights and privileges that document authors like to grant and retain. You'll find them in our Hyperstamp Catalog. All Hyperstamps come in either unserialized or serialized versions.

What's the difference between an "Unserialized" and a "Serialized" Hyperstamp?

Both perform similar functions but a Serialized Hyperstamp is a bit more powerful...

An Unserialized Hyperstamp is a public marker notifying the world at large as to the fair use of your material. They are clear, simple, and elegant indicators of your property rights. (Colorful and fun, too!)

In addition to providing the right assertion function, a Serialized Hyperstamp bears a globally unique ITU/ISO serial number. If you apply a serialized Hyperstamp to a document and register the document with us, you establish a known owner (you) and a known location (the URL of the document bearing the stamp) of that unique Hyperstamp.

You can then, through our CyberGumshoe Services, order an "Audit" for that document. For a nominal fee, we will track the contents of that document and let you know, in the future, if those contents are discovered anywhere else on the World Wide Web.

How to I get Unserialized Hyperstamps?

Easy. They're free for the taking. Instructions are right here.

How to I get Serialized Hyperstamps?

The first thing to do is create an account with us. Once you've done that, you can buy a "Virtual Stamp Book" containing credits that can be exchanged for Serialized Hyperstamps or CyberGumshoe services. Go here for specific instructions.

Why do I have to buy Serialized Hyperstamps?

Unserialized Hyperstamps are free. They cost you nothing. But if you get Serialized Hyperstamps, we are obligated by law to record their serial numbers and other ownership information. We charge a nominal fee to recover our costs, and we have tried to keep this as inexpensive as possible.

What are the "CyberGumshoe Services"?

The best explanation can be found right here.

Do I have to stamp every single document individually, or is there a shortcut for stamping them all at once?

There is a shortcut. The "Stamp Scoping" feature allows you to "configure" a stamp so that it covers multiple documents.

How do I stamp a non-HTML file, like an image or sound file?

This is also covered by the "Stamp Scoping" feature.

What is a "Virtual Stamp Book"?

To order Serialized Hyperstamps or CyberGumshoe services, you need to buy a "Virtual Stamp Book". The book contains credits that you exchange for stamps or services. Credits are $1.00 each, and the smallest "book" we sell contains $20.00 worth of credits. The dollar amount is charged to your credit card, and the credits are stored in your book.

Once you have a Virtual Stamp Book, you may order as many Hyperstamps or CyberGumshoe services as your credit balance allows. Each time you order a stamp or service, we'll deduct the cost of that item (in credits) from your Virtual Stamp Book. You may refill your Virtual Stamp Book by returning to the purchase screen and buying more credits.

IMPORTANT: Your credits remain valid as long as you retain your account with us, but, due to handling costs, they are not refundable.

How much do Hyperstamps cost?

Unserialized Hyperstamps are free. Serialized Hyperstamps cost one-quarter of a credit, or $0.25. Registration of Serialized Hyperstamps is free. For the costs of CyberGumshoe Services, look here.

When is my credit card charged?

Your credit card is charged the day you purchase (or refill) your Virtual Stamp Book. A minimum credit order of $20 is required. Your Virtual Stamp Book is good indefinately, so you may trade your credits for Serialized Hyperstamps or CyberGumshoe Reports at any time. Due to handling costs, there are no refunds for unused portions of a Virtual Stamp Book.

What if I forget my password?

Call us. We'll reset it for you.

Can I create my own Hyperstamps?

Absolutely. And if you want to make your stamps available to the general public, we'll do the paperwork for you. Our Registration Service will track your stamps, and we'll pay you a royalty on the serialized copies of your stamp that we sell. We'll put your stamps in our Hyperstamp Catalog alongside our own.

What if I have additional questions?

We want Hyperstamps to be fun and easy to use, so if you have any questions or comments, be sure to send us email here or give us a call at +1 (412) 683-6210.

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