How to Apply Hyperstamps

Unserialized (Free) Hyperstamps

If you'd like to use our free Hyperstamps, all you need to do is paste the appropriate anchors into your HTML documents. These anchors can be copied from either: 1) the HTML source code of the Hyperstamp Catalog, or 2) the individual authoritative stamp pages (example). The stamp images are available in two sizes, full and miniature, and you may use either image in your documents. These images, along with their associated anchors, constitute a valid Hyperstamp.

The HREF in the anchor points to the authoritative web page explaining the Hyperstamp, and that HREF must not be altered. You may, however, modify the SRC= attribute to point to a local copy of the Hyperstamp image. This is often a good idea, since it helps minimize network traffic when your stamped document is displayed. (That is, you are welcome to copy the images in our catalog to your local hard disk. You can then edit the SRC attribute of the anchor so that it points to your local copies of the images instead of to our master images at See your local HTML guru...)

Serialized Stamps

To use Serialized Hyperstamps, you need to establish a Hyperstamps Account. With an account, you can: 1) order the stamps of your choice from our Hyperstamp Catalog, 2) apply the stamps to your HTML documents, 3) register those documents with us, and 4) optionally order CyberGumshoe Services if you'd like to have the contents of your documents explicitly tracked. Here are the details:
Ordering: Go to the Hyperstamp Catalog and click on the Hyperstamp you'd like to order. This will hyperlink you to the authoritative web page that describes the stamp. Scroll down to the order entry area (example) and enter your account number (or email address), password, and the number of stamps you'd like to order. We'll deduct the appropriate number of credits from your Virtual Stamp Book and send back your stamps via your browser. The returned page will also contain instructions on how to save your Serialized Hyperstamps to your local hard disk.

Application: You apply Serialized Hyperstamps the same way you apply unserialized ones: just paste the anchors into your HTML document. You'll find the anchors in the HTML source code of the page we've returned to you. As with Unserialized Hyperstamps, you're welcome to alter the SRC attribute so that it points to a local copy of the stamp image, but do not alter the HREF.

Also note that unlike Unserialized Hyperstamps (which may be applied freely to any number of documents), you may only apply a Serialized Hyperstamp once, to one document. That is, if you wish to stamp ten documents, you will need ten unique Serialized Hyperstamps. (You may, however, put any number of stamps on a single document.)

Registration: A Serialized Hyperstamp is only considered "Authentic" if the stamp has been pasted into an HTML document and that document has been "Registered" with us. The registration process records the serial number of the stamp and the URL of the document bearing the stamp. This association is permanent. We "Authenticate" a stamp by examining its serial number and the URL of the document bearing the stamp, and verifying that that data matches the information in our database. (For documents under audit, we examine the document's contents as well.) If you move the document to a different URL, you will have to apply a new stamp and reregister the document. If the document is under audit and you change its contents, you will also have to apply a new stamp and reregister. You might think of the registration process as certifying the document's stamp, location, owner, and contents. If any of these elements changes after registration has taken place, the stamp is considered invalid.

To register a document, go to the main accounts page, fill in your account number (or email address) and password, and choose the "Register stamps on a document" option. You will be asked to enter the URL of the document you wish to register. When you click "Register Stamps", our server will fetch your document and register all of the unregistered stamps on that document that belong to you. All of those unregistered Serialized Hyperstamps will be considered registered at that time.

Unserialized Hyperstamps cannot be registered.

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