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Unique ITU/ISO Identifier

{ 2 16 840 1 113732 1 1004 n }, where n is the serial number of the stamp, or zero if the stamp is unserialized.

To Verify the Authenticity of Stamps on a Document...

Type in the URL of the document and click "Verify Stamps".
        URL to verify 

To Apply Free, Unserialized Copyright Hyperstamps...

Copy and paste either of these anchors into your document:

For the full-size stamp, use this anchor:

<IMG ALIGN=center SRC=
For the the miniature stamp, use this anchor:
<IMG ALIGN=center SRC=

To Order Serialized Copyright Hyperstamps...

Please enter your account information below and indicate the number of stamps you wish to order, then click "Order Stamps". Your stamps will be returned via your browser. If you don't have an account, go here to establish one.

Once you click "Order Stamps", your purchase is irrevokable. Pushing the "Stop" (or similar) button on your browser will not abort the transaction. Please allow the transaction to run to completion, or you may lose your stamps. As a backup, we will also email you a "stamp generator" URL that will reissue your stamps at any time (in case, for example, they are lost in transit).


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