CyberGumshoe Services

CyberGumshoe Services are a suite of inexpensive reports that give you the flexible power you need to track the contents of your documents as they travel around the World Wide Web.

For example, a professor publishing a scholarly paper may wish to find other papers on the World Wide Web that quote his stamped material. An artist, giving away free GIFs, may wish to see how popular her work has become by finding all the web pages on which her stamped GIF appears.

CyberGumshoe Services are available as follows. Costs are given in Credits, which are deducted from your Virtual Stamp Book when you order a service (1 credit = $1.00):

CyberGumshoe Monthly Reports

If you put a Serialized Hyperstamp on a document and register that document with us, you can order an "audit" for that document's contents for a small annual fee. (Presently 6 credits + 1 credit per kilobyte of data in the document, per year.) Our CyberGumshoe Detective Robot continuously sweeps the World Wide Web looking for material that our clients have asked us to track. If you place an audit on your document, you will receive monthly reports notifying you of the URLs on which your stamped material was discovered.

CyberGumshoe Red Alerts

For a small extra fee (12 credits / yr) we will email you immediately whenever our CyberGumshoe Robot finds any of your stamped, audited material anywhere on the World Wide Web.
Note also that we're just detectives, not police. We'll do the best possible job we can to find your stamped material, but we can't guarantee that we'll find every single occurance of it on the World Wide Web.

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