About ITU/ISO Serial Numbers

Our serial numbers are authentic and authorized names assigned by the authority of the International Telecommunications Union (or ITU) of the United Nations. They are derived from the same International Treaty of the United Nations that makes your telephone number globally unique. Our accreditation is from the ITU International Standards Organization (ISO) and ANSI.

Any stamp we create is given by the authoritative identifier { 2 16 840 1 113732 1 A B } where A is a stamp type number, and B is a stamp instance number. For Unserialized Hyperstamps, B is always zero. These serial numbers are absolutely unique world wide. For the curious, the precise elements in our serial number sequences are defined as follows:

    joint-iso-ccitt( 2 )
    country( 16 )
    United States( 840 )
    organization( 1 )
    Bright Plaza, Inc. ( 113732 )
    stamp( 1 )
    stamp class ( A )
    stamp instance ( B )

Interested parties may wish to contact:

  American National Standards Institute
  11 West 42nd Street
  New York, New York   10036
If you examine the HREF of the Unserialized Copyright Hyperstamp anchor at the bottom of this page, you will see the serial number in the STAMP_SERIAL attribute. That serial number is an inseparable part of the Hyperstamp.

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