The Philosophy of Hyperstamps

The motivation for Hyperstamps comes from our interest in supporting an activity that lets people assert rights or obligations that they hope other people will respect. Stamps are a time-tested method of asserting property and commerce rights. They are clear, simple and elegant. Governmentally authorized postal stamps are only one example. Check out the famous Duck Stamps and the collector's information at Collector's STAMP WORLD.

Attorneys and law scholars have expressed interest in Hyperstamps. The law firm of Ekert Seamans Cherin & Mellott (tel. 1 (412) 566-6097) has helped us with legal matters involving intellectual property and general legal guidance. We, and they, believe that property in cyberspace needs definition. Stamps are a good way to help facilitate this. The stamps in our Hyperstamp Catalog are only a few of the many different possible stamps you might imagine. In fact, we want your suggestions for new stamps. If we create a stamp based on your idea, we will pay you a royalty (20%) on sales of that stamp.

For other perspectives on the legal aspects of cyberspace, see the bibliographies here. This paper by Eric Schlachter, Esq. of Cooley Godward Castro Huddleson & Tatum is also of interest.

Although we have taken care to relate our Hyperstamps to various legal protections (such as Copyright), it is not absolutely necessary that a stamp be legally understood. We hope that people will develop new stamps and stamp concepts that will help refine people's thinking.

Finally, Hyperstamps are cyberspace stamps, but technically they are hyperstamps, or hyperlinked stamps, since they function as HTML anchors to gain access to their authority. We are treating the term Hyperstamp as a simple descriptive term, and, for legal purposes, there is no claim being made by us to the meaning or ownership of these terms.

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